Functions is an application that helps you to design, deploy and manage serverless functions.


  • One click Deploy & Update
  • Git Integration
  • Deployment Preview


  • Test & Debug Fast/Locally
  • View output immediately
  • Export to Cloud Formation

How it works

Functions works with any language or framework without forcing you to learn and use special cli tools, configuration files or conventions. With Operator, there is less to learn so you can focus on your code.


Create a project

After downloading the software, lunch the functions app and create a new project.


Initialize a function

Pick the file you want to deploy as a function. Then all you need to do is decide if this is a preview and hit the deploy button.


Configure your functions

Easily set up a url for your function and configure how it's accessed.


You're Ready!

Since you're building on AWS, you're building on battle tested, enterprise grade infrastructure that will scale with your needs.

Static Assets

Do you also want to deploy static assets like html, css and images? Try our Files app.

Continuous Deployments

Our Team license provides wizards that will guide you through settting up continuous deployments — allowing your re-deployments to be as simple as pushing to a git branch.