Operator Files

An Amazon S3 compatible file manager for the cloud.


  • Super Fast Search
  • Amazon S3 Compatible
  • Automatic Sync


  • Drag & drop everything
  • Simple tree navigation
  • Easy bulk operations

How it works

Files makes it trivial to deploy static assets like html, css and images. It can automatically create and manage CDN distributions so your content is delivered fast.


Create a bucket

After downloading the software, lunch the files app and pick an existing bucket or create a new one.


Drag and drop your files

Drop files into your bucket. We set some sensible defaults for you, but you can also decide how they are accessed and who can access them.


You're ready!

Now your files are in the cloud are ready to share. If you want to make your files available as a website? The Websites Wizard can guide you though that.

Adding a Build Step

The Wibsites Wizard can also guide you though the process of setting up a build step so that only your built artifacts are sync'd.


Permissions can be tricky and can lead to costly or embarrassing mistakes. Our Team license provides a permissions wizard can guide you through the steps to ensure your permissions are set correctly.