Operator Data

A DynamoDB compatible UI for data.


  • Create & edit rows
  • Create & manage tables
  • Simplify common searches


  • SQL compatible queries
  • Caching, predictive loading
  • Import, export queries & data

How it works

Operator helps you deploy code, static assets, and to work with data, we provide Operator Data — a DynamoDB compatible user interface.


Create or open a table

After downloading the software, lunch the Data app and click an existing table or create a new one.


Search for rows

A powerful search input helps you scan and query. You can even search using PartiQL, a SQL compatible query language.


View and edit row values

A visual editor makes it easy to view and edit rows of data. Toggle between raw and visual modes. Add, delete nodes and even change their data types.



Not only can you export data, but you can also export queries. The query inspector provides access to the low level JSON that is used to execute the search. These parameters can be passed directly to the aws-sdk DynamoDB client.