Hello, World

Our philosophy

A good tool is one that you don't notice — it allows you to focus more on what you are making than how you are making it.

A good tool solves one problem well. It has refined that problem to present you with the fewest new things to learn. And with it, you are able to focus more on what maters to you, the work you're doing.

How we help you

Services like AWS are powerful. They provide a ton of utility, but they're also extremely complex. There are an endless number of ways to connect and configure them. They have a steep learning curve and can be difficult to work with, even for experienced users.

Operator provides a suite of apps that help make common problems like deploying code and static assets trivial.

Operator isn't PaaS or SaaS, it's software that runs on your computer. This provides some great opportunities around UX, like integration with your local toolchain, caching, predictive loading, compliance, offline support and more!

Today we're announcing our private beta and start taking your feedback. Join us in our newly created discord channel. If your interested in participating, talk to us directly by following us on Twitter.

Paolo & Jake